Sonya Gibson

Snippets I like.

On Work and Making a Living:

"There was not necessarily something special about comedy for Steve Martin. Circumstance exposed him to that direction, but he was not wired for it. This is good news. This means that you do not have to worry so much about finding what you were meant to do. We are not meant to do anything. Choose something good enough [that other people care about] and go after it. Or something like that." - Cal Newport

On Life Direction:

Know your deepest Self and what is sacred to you; then act accordingly. Values-based living.

A purpose beyond one's self: This is the most helpful focus for me.

"The issue is not so much whether your life is providing you with a sense of meaning, as it is whether you are actively using life as a vehicle through which to express your deepest values." (from "The Power of Full Engagement")

Other Stuff:

Know Your Why

I have no idea what I'm doing on Earth. And that's okay.
Sonya Gibson